Agile Anti-Patterns: Sprint Anti-Patterns (Part III)

David Theil
18 min readAug 19, 2022

See also Part I and Part II.

INFO: This article is part of the series on agile anti-patterns.
Here is the entire series.

Agile Anti-Pattern Series:
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  • What is a Sprint?
  1. Feature Injection
  2. No Remaining Effort/ No Burndown Chart
  3. Too Many Meetings
  4. Hardening Sprints
  5. Getting the Wrong Feature
  6. No Drive
  7. The New Guy
  8. Variable Sprint length
  9. Variable Part-Time Team Members

What is a Sprint

A Sprint is an iteration in the development process of a product. Its output is a product increment. Its outcome is an added value for the users of the product. Typically, a…

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