Agile Anti-Patterns: Backlog Anti-Patterns Part I

David Theil
14 min readAug 21, 2022


  • What is a Backlog?
  1. Epic User Stories
  2. Technical User Stories
  3. UseCase Stories
  4. Prioritization by Stakeholders
  5. Backlog Waterfall Planning
  6. Upfront Detailed Estimation
  7. Big-Backlog
  8. Obsolete User Stories
  9. Component Backlog Items

INFO: This article is part of the series on agile anti-patterns.
Here is the entire series.

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What is a Backlog?

The Product Backlog is the core of the Product Development with Scrum. It is an ordered list of Product Backlog Items (in short PBIs). A Product Backlog Item (PBI) is a “ticket” that describes a need of a User, Why the User needs…