Agile Anti-Patterns — General Agile Anti-Patterns

David Theil
21 min readAug 12, 2022

INFO: This article is part of the series on agile anti-patterns.
Here is the entire series.

Agile Anti-Pattern Series:
- General Agile Anti-Patterns
Scrum Anti-Patterns
- Daily Scrum/ Daily Standup Anti-Patterns
- Sprint Anti-Patterns Part I
- Sprint Anti-Patterns Part II
- Sprint Anti-Patterns Part III
- Backlog Anti-Patterns Part I
- Backlog-Anti-Patterns Part II
- Refinement-Anti-Patterns
- Sprint Review Anti Patterns Part I
- Sprint Review Anti Patterns Part II
- Sprint Review Anti Patterns Part III
- Retrospective Anti Patterns Part I
- Retrospective Anti Patterns Part II
- Retrospective Anti Patterns Part III
- Sprint Planning Anti-Patterns Part I
- Sprint Planning Anti-Patterns Part II
- Sprint Planning Anti-Patterns Part III
- Role Anti-Patterns Part I
- Role Anti-Patterns Part II
- Role Anti-Patterns Part III
- Role Anti-Patterns Part IV

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  1. Poor Meeting and Communication Culture
  2. Scrummerfall
  3. Waterscrum
  4. Implicit Team Leadership
  5. Group Thinking
  6. Group Quarantine
  7. Agile-Hype Scrum
  8. The Monster Release
  9. The Bugfixing Sprint
  10. No Vision Scrum
  11. The Bigger the Better Pattern
  12. Zombie Product
  13. Missing Definition of Ready
  14. Missing Definition of Done
  15. Feature Factories

Agile Antipattern 1. Poor Meeting and…