The Double Diamond — a model for divergent and convergent thinking

Walk the critical path through Problem Space and Solution Space.

David Theil
10 min readMar 8, 2024


Yesterday I was playing in the sand with my son.
At first, you think, what should I build? There is only the medium — sand — and your own creativity. The possibilities are almost endless. The only limitations are the medium and your own creativity.

So I play around and build heaps, make holes, dig trenches. After a while, pyramids, roads, lakes, rivers, animals, etc. suddenly emerge from the uncoordinated construction sites.

A perfect example of convergent and divergent thinking.


What is the double Diamond?

The Double Diamond is a visual representation of the design process developed by the British Design Council in 2005. It illustrates a structured approach to design thinking and problem-solving, emphasizing the importance of divergent and convergent thinking in both understanding and defining the problem, as well as in generating and refining solutions.

The double Diamond model is divided into four different phases:

  • Discover Phase (Divergent Thinking)
  • Define Phase (Convergent Thinking)