How Customer Success should collaborate with Product Management

David Theil
9 min readApr 26, 2024

Imagine you are the owner of a small business. And you are at a point where you need to update your ERP system. You search the internet looking for a new tool that will integrate with your current IT landscape and production line. After a long and exhaustive search, you finally find a new ERP system that states that you can integrate it with your existing production system. How this integration can be done is also documented. So you buy it, you try to integrate it, and at first glance, it works fine, but after a while, you realize that some services require special data conversion. On the other hand, some interfaces to your production system run very slowly.

Customer Success helping out. [Unsplash]

When production continues to run with these slow interfaces, your production line will also slow down, resulting in less revenue. This is why you unhappily call the support of the company that provided you with the ERP system.

The support technician quickly understands your problem and explains that many customers have problems with this type of integration, that there are workarounds, and that it is recommended to book an integration specialist to solve these problems. Of course, this costs extra and you will have to wait, as the next available specialist will not be available for another month.