7 Advantages of agile Leadership using Objectives and Key-Results

David Theil
6 min readJan 25, 2022

Agile leadership using OKRs offers numerous advantages. In the following blog post, I would like to briefly discuss the top seven benefits that I believe most influence an organization:

  1. Clear priorities and free implementation
  2. Transparency on all levels of the company and across silos
  3. Measurement of progress for motivation and leadership
  4. Easy reprioritization and adaptation to new insights and environmental influences
  5. OKRs as a management method
  6. Clear communication is encouraged alignment is ensured.
  7. OKRs map “must have”-objectives and ambitious strategic objectives

1. Clear priorities and free implementation

When the top management of a company has formulated clear OKRs, they reflect the highest priority in the company. The top OKRs are then used as the orientation for all employees to align their team OKRs with these top OKRs. This is a top-down approach. At the same time, however, the OKR method enables a bottom-up flow of information, task ownership by the team, and self-organization.

2. Transparency at all levels of the organization and across silos.

Because the OKR process is standardized and known by all within the company and promotes communication and transparency, the OKR method makes it very easy to gather information and coordinate actions across boundaries and organizational levels. Through the alignment of the teams and the objectives of the individual teams, errors and extra work are prevented. In many companies, for example, it happens that the same problem is solved multiple times and in different ways in different departments. OKR prevents this.

3. Measuring progress for motivation and leadership

The OKR process has built in a regular meeting to update the OKR status. In this meeting, the team’s progress on each Key Result is measured and updated. This both promotes motivation by allowing team members to see how far they have made progress on the various key results, and opens up the…